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Carl Zimmer: Hello, Biologic Institute. If I make a strong claim about science in an online forum, and someone asks me for evidence for that claim, I do not say, “Well, you’ll just have to read my book.” I provide the evidence–I point to the peer-reviewed research on which I based my statement. But, hey, I’d be perfectly satisfied if you pointed me to a scientific paper that presents calculations showing that the chromosome fusion could not have happened six million years ago. I can go find it for myself–if such a paper actually exists.

Well, that was the last I heard from the Biologic Institute. They still haven’t piped back up on their own thread. However, I did hear from someone who had read the book, Paul MacBride. ( Fluted Sleeve Shift Dress with Ladder Detail Black Asos Petite Limited Edition 1m8yUrHf
.) Here’s the comment he left on Facebook:

Carl, I can tell you the answer to your question, as I have read the book. Luskin provides no evidence for this. Well, more correctly, he quotes a question from this paper “If the fusion occurred within the telomeric repeat arrays less than ∼6 Mya, why are the arrays at the fusion site so degenerate?” but not their three suggested answers. Luskin asserts that if a chromosomal fusion occurred it should have been a neat and tidy joining of the two chromosomes in question, anything else is a Problem For Evolution. Dave Wisker addressed this succintly in a comment at Panda’s Thumb

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. In other words, the authors of this new intelligent design book cherry-pick a quote out of a paper that’s ten years old (you can check for yourself, the paper’s free). That, it seems, is all the evidence they have. If anyone tells you how impressive the science is behind intelligent design, how superior it is to evolutionary biology, may I suggest you use this example to show them how wrong they are.

I read the 2002 paper long ago, but MacBride’s link led me to reread it. I also noticed that it was cited by a number of more recent papers, including Eichler’s new one. It just goes to show how you can end up learning something new in the most unexpected places.

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As a long time follower of the Disco Tute and their jolly good fellows I am well-acquainted with their standard replies when called out on their invented assertions. Some of them are as follows:

Timing and type are crucial

Use s. Boulardii during antibiotics: S. Boulardii is a beneficial yeast, not a bacteria, so antibiotics can’t touch it. In several studies, researchers found that s. Boulardii prevented antibiotic-associated diarrhea (AAD) when they administered it with antibiotics. Sale Fashion Style Footlocker For Sale DESIGN longline muscle fit tshirt with crew neck in blue Hush grey Asos Cheap Sale Outlet Store For Sale Cheap Price From China Sale Amazon Yxtnvc3
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Use s. Boulardii during antibiotics:

Without bacteria to keep them at bay, fungi have the opportunity to get busy during a course of antibiotics. You can attribute a lot of the problems that you experience after antibiotics — diarrhea, infections down there — to fungal overgrowth, particularly yeast. One problematic strain of fungus is candida albicans , which is especially prone to going haywire after antibiotics. [9]

Candida thrive on sugar and simple carbohydrates (like bread and pasta) that your body quickly turns into sugar. Candida will flourish if bacteria aren’t there to fight back, and it will get sugar from the food you eat. To keep it from taking over, keep your sugar and carb intake to a minimum. They won’t get very far if they don’t have a substantial food source. Staying away from sugar is always good advice, but it’s especially crucial when you’re taking antibiotics.

The bacteria that line your digestive tract protect the membranes that keep intestinal contents on the inside where they belong. As they wear away, fungi have the chance to colonize in their place. When fungi grow, they shoot out hyphae, thin filament-like roots that dig into the intestinal walls. Essentially, they poke holes in your intestines which allows partially digested food particles to seep outside of the digestive tract and cause problems.

Giving your membranes what they need to stay strong won’t completely prevent fungi from shooting their roots into your intestinal walls, but it will make them more resistant to damage and more resilient when the antibiotics are done and it’s time to heal.

Collagen is the protein that holds your membranes together, and taking hydrolyzed collagen will give your cells all of the amino acids they need when it’s time to patch up. You can’t make collagen without vitamin C, even if you ingest collagen protein, so it’s a good idea to boost your vitamin C intake along with it.

When a large portion of bacteria gets wiped out, they rebuild slowly. As with any population competing for resources, it’s a bit of a race to repopulate. While this is happening, you want to feed the good guys and starve the bad guys.

Cutting sugar will only take you so far. While you’re closing down the bar on the yeast party, why not serve the welcome guests?

The gut microbes that help you digest and absorb your food love vegetables. Makes sense, because they eat the portion of the veggies that humans do not break down, and convert those portions into nutrients that you wouldn’t otherwise get.

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